Quit Your Pitchin'(Tracy W)

Minor League All-Stars (Ashley S)

The Drunks (Candias M)

Dirty Sox (Meghann A)


Team America (Mike M)

Jan's Guys (Braden G)

Team Ramrod (Greg K)

Camo Toe (Chris T)

Alcoballics (Tony B)

Dynasty Epoxy (Blaine C)

Wet Work (John W)

9 Inch Males (Tony H)

Keeping It Green (Jim S)

Young Guns (Rusty W)


Wednesday (Men)

Morse Beach Motor Boaters (Jordan M)

Butt Snorkelers (Brett G)

Sit on my Base (Patrick B)

Sun King Upper Deckers (Ron W)

Warning Track Power (Tim M)

Pound Town (Daniel P)

Fireballers (Joey K)


Team America (Mike M)


Good Fellas (Alex A)

The Firm (Jeremy F)

Swan (Ryan S)


The Wildcats (Mark W) 

Morse Beach Bums (Andrew B)


Almost Drafted (Greg K)

Leave It To Beavers (Sherry P)

Spider Lawn (Gabe H)

Hotdogs & Buns (Tyler M)

BMF (Crystal T)

The Outlaws (Mike M)

Cow Tippin Dwarfs (Kyle R)

ODAAT (Darrell S)

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