I am now accepting registrations for the summer league.  The league fees will be $325.  However, teams will be responsible for paying the umpire before each double header.  I need to increase the umpire pay to $25 a game (or, $12.50 per team, per game).  I apologize for the change but apparently I have not been paying the going rate for umpires so we need to increase their pay.  This MUST be paid before the double header starts.  Bring cash to pay the umpires.
The leagues will consist of 10 regular season games and a single elimination tournament. 
The deadline for the summer league is Friday, June 4, 2021. We will begin play as soon as we can after the spring league. With any luck that will be in the middle of June 2021.  

League Structure:
Monday Co-Ed (2 HR)
Tuesday Men (3 HR)
Mens Recreational (1 HR)
Thursday Men (5 HR) (Competitive League)
Friday Co-Ed (Competitive 2HR per gender and Rec League 2 HR Total)
Thank you,
Dwayne Brashers  

I have a word document with league rules at the bottom of this page.  Please make sure you download the document and are aware of the league rules.  Not a lot of changes, I just wanted to put them in writing.    

Thursday League (5 HR's.  Any additional HR is an INNING ENDING OUT) (Summer League)
Tuesday League (3 HR's.  Any additional HR is an INNING ENDING OUT) 
Wednesday League (1 HR.  Any additional HR is an INNING ENDING OUT) 
Co-Ed Leagues (2 HR's.  Any additional HR is an INNING ENDING OUT) 



If you have any questions contact:  Dwayne Brashers @317-796-5649

League Rules