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Coaches and Players,

The deadline for the Spring softball league will be April 5, 2024.  Cost will be $350 if paying by check, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, cash. or Cash app.  Please contact me if you need my username info for the money apps.  We are looking to start April 15, 2024.   Don't forget teams are responsible for paying umpires $12.50 a game or $25 for a double header.  You will have double headers almost all of the time.  Please bring cash. 

Monday will be Co-Ed Rec League-$350
Tuesday will be Men's C/D League-$350
Wednesday will be Men's E League-$350
Thursday will be Men's E league

Friday will be Co-Ed Rec+ League-$350

Season Umpire Fund
Continuing this year!  This was a huge success last year and most coaches would like to continue the  Season Umpire Fund
If you do not want to worry yourself about umpire fees every week I am providing an umpire fund at the beginning of the season only.  Your team will need to pay $150 (CASH ONLY) and I will take care of your umpire fees for the season (Regular season and tournament included)  

It is "First come, first served" in terms of payment to determine which teams get in the league of their choice. 
Also, this year I will be working with USSSA to run a few tournaments at our park.  I will be assisting but you will have to register through USSSA on their website.  Their website is and you will have to be sanctioned through USSSA in order to play in those tournaments.  You can register on the website if you are not already sanctioned.  The first tournament(s) will be April 13th (Men's) and April 14th (Co-Ed)

Thank you,
Dwayne Brashers  

I have a word document with league rules at the bottom of this page.  Please make sure you download the document and are aware of the league rules.  Not a lot of changes, I just wanted to put them in writing.    
Tuesday Men's C/D League (4 HR's.  HR's #5 & #6 will be an out.  Any HR past #6 is an inning ending out).   
Wednesday Men's E League (1 HR.  HR's #2 & #3 will be an out.  Any HR past #3 is an inning ending out).
Co-Ed  Rec League (1 HR HR's #2 & #3 will be an out.  Any HR past #3 is an inning ending out).
Co-Ed  Rec+ League (3 HR's
  HR's #4 & #5 will be an out.  Any HR past #5 will be an inning ending out).



If you have any questions contact:  Dwayne Brashers @317-796-5649

League Rules

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